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Stars are born; not made. With a soul made up of dedication, ambition and drive, 15
year-old, singer, actor, and natural born performer Jacob Latimore is proving whatever he sets his mind to do he will succeed. 
The natural born performer has been stealing hearts by pounding the pavement leaving crowds in awe, even impressing his idols, Usher and Mario. "Before I get on stage, my adrenaline is always pumping hard. The screams from the crowd get me excited!" After being courted by numerous record label executives, Jacob signed with Jive Records in March 2010.
Jacob is currently in the studio recording his first album with Jive Records and seeking records! The album is slated for a 2012 release.
Jive Records Artist Profile
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Try Again - Jacob Latimore
jacob latimore - try again enjoy^^i dont know why the video lasted longer :s oh weell !lyrics:[Verse 1:]Can I Get A Redo Cause You Know I Need You Even Though I Messed Up In The PastI ...
Legal News and More!
Twegal Job Opportunities
 Twitter's General Counsel, Alex Macgillivray, says that Twitter is looking to hire a few good minds. A former Google employee, Macgillivray currently leads a team of 25 in the daily tackle of ever changing legal issues as the company is experiencing rapid growth.
Check out the GC's recent interview on Law.Com/Corporate Counsel
Spyglass Sued by Film Musicians Seeking Access to Financials
Spyglass Entertainment is now under the microscope of a California court after The Film Musicians Secondary Market Fund (a trust dedicated to collecting and distributing residual payments to television and film musicians) demands an audit of specific revenue. Monies in question were generated from films including Abandon, Bruce Almighty, Dragonfly, Ghost Town, The Happening, Instinct, Legend of Zorro, The Love Guru, Memoirs of a Geisha, Mission to Mars, The Ruins, Seabiscuit, The Sixth Sense, Wanted and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
Charity Watch
Project Walk a Mile In My Shoes
Recently, I was an official sponsor for Project Walk A Mile in My Shoes. This unique charity movement was created by founder Charles McCree, CEO of Macree Marketing Concepts LLC. out of Atlanta, GA.  The charity collects and distributes donations of new and used shoes to those in need. McCree celebrated the charity's 3rd annual event by taking his efforts and sponsorships to the next level. The annual shoe-a-thon was a 12 hour shoe drive held at House of Adrene hosted by V-103's Greg Street and myself. Supporters such as Daron Jones (formally of 112), Pastor Troy, Mullage (Jive Records) stopped in to donate. Other official sponsors and supporters included Stephen Hill, Diddy, Russell Simmons, Lance Gross, Kenny Burns, Soul Asylum Studios, DJ Nez, Nekarazzi, Too Fresh Entertainment, Cake Cafe, Billy Bad Axx (CEO, Urban Fashion Week), and V-103. 
McCree's background in the music industry, in tandem with his own past personal struggles, inspired him to have an official mixtape for the now annual event. Soundtrack to My Hustle: The Official Mixtape for Project Walk a Mile in My Shoes is a unique mix of inspirational music ranging from rap to gospel. The project is hosted by DJ Nez, President of Rocharder DJs. Get the music at I recommend it! 
See the Press Release!!
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Love, Life, Family...The Works!
Money, Money, Money, and Love
Income is a two syllable word that can cause many complications in marriages and relationships. The recent deterioration of the economy has only worsened the standing issue. My advice is: First, remember that this economy is not your fault. It's easy for us to blame ourselves when it comes to things we have no control over. That blame leads to unwarranted insecurity issues which leads me to my next tip. Second, communicate with your mate about finances. Remember that whatever difficulties are faced, you face them together. No need to feel ashamed or insecure about discussing the issues. Chances are your mate understands and does not blame you. Keeping concerns bottled up puts unnecessary stress on the relationship. Just keep working hard, remain positive and communicate. If you're stressed about money and not saying it, that doesn't mean that your attitude and body language aren't talking for you. So speak up!  Love endures. Financial challenges are usually only temporary. You can beat it TOGETHER.